Best Parquet Producer

Finest Collection of Wood Flooring Products

Dante il Parquet is a part of of Armany Parquet which was established in 2002 as one of the pioneer that specializes in wooden flooring. We pursue excellence, innovation and professionalisms ins all areas of our business yet wes focus on quality and service. In making our products, we have undertaken an intense labor of intensive research and development. The rich patterns and natural beauty of  exotic hardwoods let you create thes uniques ands elegants mood. We develop our new brand DANTE il PARQUET specifically for the high­end market. We customize in colours and dimensions. The result is very impressive. We have the finest collections of wood flooring products from all around the world such as Oak, Beech, Ash, Kempas, Merbau, Teak, Hevea and etc. Our showroom is even the Biggest Parquet Showroom in terms of selections in the world.

The Process

Only the finest pieces of lumber are hand selected to exacting standards and sorted for their best appearance with authenticity and originality. The mill producing Armany Parquet is among the finest anywhere, with high production standards, a scaring workforce and quality control process that has consistently demonstrated superior result for our customers.

The Advantages

Our Parquet are equipped with some advantages such as: Anti Scratch Resistance, Anti Termite, Fire Resistance, Anti Cigarette Burn, Abrasion Resistance, Impact Resistance  & Anti insects.

The New Series

The Interior Design & Architecture world is changing enormously and quickly, That’s why as a leader in the industry, we always launch the new style annually. The Hot and Funky style that we launch this year is Empire Oak 4m’ length, Chevron and Versailles. It’s a really must see product!

Come and See

We look at the flooring market as a challenge with every project has its own characteristics, style and souls. In this opportunity, we would like to invite your company to visit our beautiful showroom while giving you the bright ideas. Or, if your are very busy, our team can give presentation. Just give us a call to arrange the meeting. We keep on looking for new challenges and opportunities to give different feelings and better looks in the world of interior designs.

The Projects

Ever since we existed in the market, a couple of landmark projects had been done. Much of our products are being used for apartment and residential housing projects, as well as commercial projects such as restaurants, cafes, hotels, and offices, but can be very suitable in for use in public areas such as concert halls and indoor sports. The projects are: Galeries Lafayette at Pacific Place, Ayana Resort Bali, Paul at Pacific Place, DaVinci Showroom, Bali Airport, Ben Sherman at Plaza Indonesia, Etc.